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The Muirfield Marlins are part of the Saint Charles CountySummer Swim League.

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Team Handbook

Parent Handbook (Revised 5/15/2018)

Welcome to the Muirfield Marlins swim team, and thank you to all the swimmers, parents, and volunteers for contributing to our team. Our season consists of (7) swim meets; including six (6) league swim meets (three at our 'home' Muirfield Pool) the seventh is the All-County meet held at the St. Peter's Rec Plex on August 3, 2Ø19.

Marlins Mission Statement

To provide an organized family activity focused on supporting our youth that promotes team spirit, sportsmanship, thrill of competition, and development of swimming skills while enhancing the Muirfield community and neighbor relationships. Participants will be both encouraged and expected to maintain a team attitude and contribute to team goals through individual effort. Our swimmers will be rewarded for teamwork, effort, and performance throughout the season and at our year-end awards celebration. It is our objective to celebrate our swimmers and ensure they grow from their time with the Muirfield Marlins.

Meet Eligibility

Practice will be held every week day throughout the season. Our coaches will encourage swimmers to make as many practices as possible. The league requires a minimum of two (2) practices a week (not including vacations) to remain eligible for meets.  Attendance will be recorded at each practice.

Swimmers may not be older than 18 as of June 1st of this year to be eligible to swim. All swimmers must be able to swim at least one length of the pool unassisted before swimming in any swim meets.  Beginner swimmers will be allowed to work up to this requirement within the sole discretion of the coaching team.

Parents/Swimmers Must Give Advanced Notice of Meet Attendance

All Swimmers are required to declare in Swimtopia by the Thursday prior to EVERY swim meet if they are ATTENDING or DECLINING to attend the following swim meet.  The ability to declare (and therefore attend) for the swim meet closes on the Thursday prior to the swim meet, and league rules prohibit late signups.  League rules also require that we submit/exchange our team swimming entries 72 hours before the swim meet, and our coaches need one day (Friday) to set relays and etc.  Sometimes swimmers may be asked to swim events that they have not requested for the good of the team.

NOTE:  Unexpectedly absent swimmers create havoc and sometimes disappointment for other swimmers.  Please notify coaches ASAP if your child can’t attend the meet at the last minute.


Please be on time (30 minutes before the swim meet warmups) and keep track of your children.  The Marlins operate automated swim meets, and we use Meet Manager software by Hy-Tek.  This software is the most commonly used swim meet software and streamlines/simplifies swim meet operations.  Prior to the swim meets, programs are distributed (via email & Facebook) with swimmer assignments for every swimming event/heat/lane.

Please use a Sharpie to write your child’s hand their Event/Heat/Lane/Swimmer information PRIOR to taking your child to the swim meet. The 'Swimmer' number will only be included (S1, S2, S3, or S4) for relay events. The order is shown on the swim meet program and this is how they also know which stroke they’re swimming in medley relays.  Writing this on the swimmer’s hand reduces confusion in the bullpen and at the starting blocks.

Example of what should be written on your child's hand:

  • E2 H1 L4        100 IM
  • E8 H1 L2 S3   200 Free relay
  • E30 H1 L2 S1 200 Medley relay
  • E45 H1 L4      100 Back
  • E53 H1 L6      100 Free

Coaches carry printed copies of the meet program should any questions arise.

Swim Meet Checklist

  • Swimmers should be ready to swim at the designated warm-up time (usually 5:30 PM)
  • Mark swimmer’s hands with event information BEFORE arriving at the meet
  • Parent workers pick up their name tag with worker assignment from the Worker Assignment Board as soon as you arrive, which will be located near the event cardholder.  This helps Swim Team Managers locate/fill jobs of those that are running late or fail to show up for the meet.  All volunteer jobs HAVE to be worked!
  • Swimmers warm-up are lead by the coaches
  • Swimmers report to the Bullpen when event number is called
  • Swimmers perform your best and support your teammates during all events
  • Parents look for ways to help, always be pleasant, and have fun!

Parent Worker Responsibilities & Penalties for Failing to Work

Successful swim meets require parent volunteers; both Home and Away. The requirement and minimum expectation is that one parent representing each swimmer works one shift (half) each meet to achieve the minimum 6 volunteer worker points per family.

We need about 25 people for each half for 'Home' meets and about 20 for each half at 'Away' meets. After committing to your parent worker schedule, it will be up to you to find a substitute. If you are substituting for another parent, please pick up that parent’s name tag at the beginning of the meet.

When you (or your substitute) arrive at a swim meet, pick up your name tag(s) from the Worker Assignment Board immediately and check in. If you (or your substitute) do not pick up your name tag and work as assigned, you will be counted as a “no-show.” The $150 check collected from each family with your swimmer's registration will be cashed if your worker shifts are not completed.  A second “no-show” from the same family will result in all swimmers from that family being excluded from meets for the remainder of the season. No refunds of registration fees will be given.

Parent Worker Assignments

Parents will be asked to work in one of the following roles:

AWAY Meets:

  • Timer
  • Runner
  • Bullpen
  • Ribbon Table
  • Stroke Judge

HOME Meets:  (All the same jobs as AWAY meets, and additional jobs below)

  • Announcer/Starter
  • Meet Manager/Data Entry
  • Concessions
  • Concessions-Griller
  • Setup & Tear-down

Description of Worker Assignments


  • There are three Timers in each lane with at least one from the opposing team.
  • First half Timers obtain a Muirfield stopwatch in a container typically located near the Worker Assignment Board at the beginning of the meet.
  • Second half Muirfield Timers should be sure to switch and obtain a stop watch from a Muirfield parent - NOT the opposing team.  Each team provides their own stopwatches, and we don’t want to lose track of our team equipment.
  • All three timers record their results on the timer results forms provided to each lane, typically on a clip board.
  • The timer designated to record times should always record the times in the same order.  For example, the recorder may always write in the first field, timer X is always second, and timer Y is always written in third.  This allows questions to be directed to the correct timer.
  • Timers must work quickly and be ready for the next heat/event. Always review the  meet program for accuracy.
  • Ask for the swimmer’s name when they prepare to swim and ensure they are the correct swimmer, in the correct lane.  Younger swimmers may respond to any name, it's best to have them say their own name when they approach the blocks.
  • The announcer provides the event description (age/stroke/distance/event number).
  • Timers may help prevent a backstroke swimmer from hitting the wall with their head, but should NOT interfere with the swimmer and/or the outcome of the race.
  • Timers are NOT stroke judges and should not comment to swimmers, stroke judges or anyone else if they think a swimmer should be disqualified. Timers should remain positive and encouraging to swimmers.


  • Collect the meet program result papers from the timers and deliver them to the Ribbon Table for scoring.
  • Routinely check with Stroke Judges to retrieve DQ Reports and deliver them to the Ribbon Table.
  • After the Meet Manager/Data Entry workers have recorded the DQ in the computer, deliver the yellow DQ Report copy to the DQ’d swimmer’s coach.
  • Post the event result papers that the Meet Manager/Data Entry workers occasionally provide in a prominent/public place, typically on the wall next to the bathrooms.
  • Ensure that all volunteers are provided water at regular intervals.


Bullpen workers are critical to the pace of the meet. The following tasks are necessary for the Bullpen workers:

  • Communicate when swimmers are needed in the bullpen.
  • Update the number display with events being called to the bullpen.
  • Seat swimmers in the bullpen according to their lane numbers and events
  • For 25-yard relays, walk swimmers 2 and 4 to their lane at the other end of the pool.
  • Ensure the Announcer knows which swimmers/event are heading to the blocks.
  • Rotate Bullpen and request additional swimmers for upcoming Events.

Ribbon Table

Responsible for the following tasks:

  • Applies the results labels (printed by the volunteer performing the “Meet Manager/Data Entry” worker) to the corresponding ribbon.  Click here for an example of the ribbon labels.
  • The “place” that the swimmers achieved is located on the printed label.
  • Each team is responsible for their own ribbons, so each team is responsible for applying the results stickers to their own ribbons.

Meet Manager/Data Entry

Responsible for the following tasks:

  • Enter the times recorded into “Meet Manager” as quickly as they arrive from the Runner.  Result data is entered very similarly to populating numbers into Microsoft Excel.
  • DQ cards are processed by entering the appropriate DQ reason code into “Meet Manager”, and the yellow copy (reports typically have a white/yellow paper copy method) is returned to the Runner so they can bring it to the appropriate team’s coach.  Please make sure to note which team the swimmer was in on the DQ Report so they Runner will know where to deliver it.
  • Using “Meet Manager”, print result labels for the Ribbon Table worker so they can place them onto the ribbons.  The intervals of how often to run a ribbon label batch should be worked out directly with the Ribbon Table workers.
  • Result sheets should be printed and handed to the Runner for posting after approximately every five completed events.
  • Upon the completion of all data entry, contact Jared Terry or Dave Bostelmann so they can upload the results to our team website on Swimtopia.
  • League team points system:
    • If two swimmers in an event (one from each team) have the same time, each are awarded the same number of points, assuming they are the highest placing swimmer from their team in the event.
    • Score points according to the chart below:


1st 7 points
14 points
5 points
10 points
3rd 4 points
8 points
4th 3 points
6 points
5th 2 points
4 points
6th 1 point
2 points

Stroke Judge

Each team must provide two (2) Stroke Judges each half. Stroke Judges must be certified by completing a league training session. Each stroke judge is responsible for observing the swimmers in his or her quarter of the pool (one-half the width and one-half the length). The Stroke Judges communicate using headset radios.

In the event a swimmer needs to be disqualified (DQ), Stroke Judges should follow this procedure:

  • Only DQ a swimmer when you have clearly observed a disqualifying stroke. If you did not see it clearly, it should not be a disqualification. When in doubt, side with the swimmer. Judge only your quadrant and do not point out a disqualifying stroke in another quadrant to another Stroke Judge. If a younger competitor is swimming slowly and is at the end of the pack, do not DQ them. Have mercy!
  • Raise your hand upon seeing the disqualifying stroke.
  • Communicate over the headset the lane number and the reason for the DQ. For example, say “DQ lane three scissor kick.”
  • The Stroke Judge completes the DQ Report (USA Swimming Report)
  • The Stroke Judge closest to the swimmer should attempt to provide the swimmer reason for DQ as politely and discretely as possible. This may help the swimmer learn from their mistake; make every attempt not to upset the swimmer as they may have additional events / competition remaining.
  • Know the stroke rules and have your booklet with you. If a league representative questions your decision, listen to their opinion and check the rules. If you are wrong, you may change your ruling, but do not take offense. Only the stroke judge that made the ruling may change it. Most league rep’s just want to make sure you understand the swimming disqualification rules, not challenge what you saw.

Disqualification Reasons and Rules: (Abbreviated list)

Consult for additional information

The technical rules of swimming are designed to provide fair and equitable conditions for competition and to promote uniformity in the sport. Each swimming stroke has specific rules designed to ensure that no swimmer gets an unfair competitive advantage over another swimmer.

Trained officials observe the swimmers during each event to ensure compliance with these technical rules. If a swimmer commits an infraction of the rules that is observed by an official, a disqualification (DQ) will result. This means that the swimmer will not receive an official time and will not be eligible for an award in that event. A disqualification may result from actions such as not getting to the starting blocks on time, performing strokes in an illegal manner, or unsportsman­like conduct.

DQs are also a result of technical rules violations. They include but are not limited to:

  • Freestyle: Walking on the bottom, pulling on the lane rope, not touching the wall on a turn, or not completing the distance.
  • Backstroke: Pulling or kicking into the wall once a swimmer has turned passed the vertical onto the breast. Turning onto the breast before touching the wall with the hand at the finish of the race.
  • Breaststroke: An illegal kick such as flutter (freestyle), dolphin (butterfly), or scissors (side stroke); not on the breast; alternating movements of the arms; taking two arm strokes or two leg kicks while the head is under water; touching with only one hand at the turns or finish.
  • Butterfly: Alternating movements of the arms or legs; pushing the arms forward under instead of over the water surface (underwater recovery); a breaststroke style of kick; touching with only one hand at the turns or finish.

For specific language on any technical rules consult the USA Swimming Rules and Regulations book.  The rules require that every reasonable effort be made to notify the swimmer or his coach of the reason for the disqualification. If your child is disqualified in an event, be supportive rather than critical. For beginning swimmers, a disqualification should be treated as a learning experience, not as a punishment. A disqualification alerts the swimmer and coach to what portions of the swimmer's stroke need to be corrected. They should be considered in the same light as an incorrect answer in schoolwork, they point out areas that need further practice. Disqualifications are necessary to keep the competition fair and equitable for all competitors. A supportive attitude on the part of the official, coach, and parent can make a positive situation out of the disqualification.

Parent Relay Captains for 6 & under swimmers - not currently staffed

When not scheduled to work at one of the assigned tasks above, parents may be asked to help get the 6 & under swimmers in place at each end of the pool for relays. The duties of this relay captain are:

To identify each relay swimmer during warm up time to confirm they are in attendance.

If anyone is missing, immediately notify the coach because substitutions must be made.

When the bullpen is getting close to calling the relay event, gather all the kids on the relay. Have them hold hands and lead them to the bullpen. Do not approach the bullpen until all swimmers are present. If you cannot find someone, have an older swimmer help you.

Stay with the relay team in the bullpen but stay out of the way of the bullpen workers.



  • The Announcer/Starter is responsible for controlling the meet and keeping it moving forward as efficiently as possible.  The Announcer/Starter provides reminders regarding worker assignments, bullpen reporting requirements, introducing the National Anthem at the beginning of the meet, etc.
  • It is important for the Announcer/Starter to be in constant communication with the bullpen to understand and announce which swimmers are on the blocks, how many heats are in each event, and whether there are combined events.
  • Ensure timers are ready before each event, tells the swimmers to take their marks, and sounds the horn to start the event.
  • Sound the horn/buzzer several times to stop the swimmers in the event of a false start.
  • The Announcer/Starter has the discretion of either DQ'ing the swimmer or restarting the race in the event of a false start – it is NOT a Stroke Judge’s decision.
  • Directs the Timers direction to switch ends of the pool for 25-yard events.
  • Reminds the second half workers to report at mid-meet.
  • The announcer should keep the meet lively and entertaining for the attendees; ensure his/her voice is projected clearly and that the meet is enjoyable for all.


Concession stand workers set up food and candy. Workers must be at the booth always and follow sanitary guidelines for handling food. Workers prepare food or sell items and make change. You will also need to distribute water once each half for the meet workers. Never leave the booth unattended. Our Concessions Chairperson is Bridget Switzer and Co-Chairperson is Julie Stemme. In addition to these individuals, we will need an additional volunteer worker shift each half.

Concessions manage their own budget and will purchase, collect, and restock their own inventories throughout the season. At the end of the season, or as needed, collected funds will be given to treasurer for deposit.

Concessions - Griller

Concession Griller needs to arrive a minimum of one hour before warm ups. Workers must be follow sanitary guidelines for handling food. Responsibility includes cooking of hot dogs and hamburgers so food items are ready and waiting for swim meet attendees upon arrival. Once grilling is completed, this worker is free to enjoy the remainder of the meet as a spectator.

Setup and Tear-down

Although specific individuals may be assigned for setup and tear-down, it is expected that all Muirfield parents help set up before home meets and clean up afterward, even if you are not assigned this task as a parent worker. If you cannot stay until the end of the meet, at least make sure you do your part to keep the pool area clean. With everyone's help, setup and tear-down goes very quickly.

For Home Meets the Muirfield pool closes at 4:00 pm to allow for setup.

Setup includes:

  • Removing lounge chairs from the pool deck through the back gate.
  • Two tables need to be moved to the corner near the deep end for the ribbon tables.
  • The starter blocks must be carried from the storage room behind the bathrooms and put in place.
  • Lane lines must be set and tightened.
  • The announcer stand must be brought out from the same storage room as the blocks and set up at the corner of the deep end near the Ribbon Tables. The speaker system needs to be set-up and checked.
  • The Bullpen benches must be set in place in the corner of the deep end nearest the parking lot. The benches are stored in the pump room.
  • The backstroke poles must be positioned approximately 15 feet from the ends of the pool. The flags must be stretched between the poles across the pool. The poles are on the pool deck and flags will be in the swim team meet container in the cabana storage room.
  • The lane markers must be placed at both ends of the pool and the bullpen event numbers must be placed in front of the bullpen.


Johnny Mac's is the official merchandise supplier for the St Charles County Summer Swim League, and therefore that of the Muirfield Marlins.  Please refer to the Online Store section of the team website to purchase swim team apparel and supplies.  Purchases made through our online store help support our swim team.


Parking for practice or meets is only permitted in the pool parking lot and the West side of Muirfield Drive. Please be considerate of our neighbors and do not block their driveways or drive on their lawns. If you live in Muirfield, please try to walk or ride bikes to practices and meets.

We are excited that you are part of the Muirfield Marlins! We are your Marlins Leadership Team...and we are working to make the Marlins a great experience for your swimmers!

  • Glenda Hanstein:       Team Manager
  • Christie Tutschulte:    Team Secretary
  • Dave Bostelmann:     Team Manager Assistant & League Representative
  • Dax Neiders:              League Representative
  • Kris Newman:            League Representative

Questions or comments, please contact:

Glenda Hanstein (636) 699-2194 or

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Swim Meet Checklist

  • Swimmers should be ready to swim at the designated warm-up time, typically at 5:30 PM.
  • Mark swimmer’s hands with event information BEFORE arriving at the meet.
  • Parent workers pick up their name tag with worker assignment from the Worker Assignment Board, which will typically be located our Muirfield Marlins banner .
  • Swimmers warm-up (lead by the coaches).
  • Report to the Bullpen when when the swimmers event number is called.
  • Swimmers perform your best and support/cheer for your teammates during all events.
  • Parents look for ways to help, always be pleasant, and have fun!
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